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LuckyNetwork v2. Authentication Update

Discussion in 'Announcement' started by FacedApollo, Apr 21, 2018.

By FacedApollo on Apr 21, 2018 at 7:46 PM
  1. FacedApollo

    FacedApollo Administrator
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    Nov 17, 2017
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    Hello, as you may now that very soon we are going to update to v2. and finally we will be no longer as BETA server, however with rising hacker and more advanced ban evading technique, we decided that we should step further on our User registration system, as the statistic tells that 96,59% of banned user is Cracked or AltsDispenser user, We will introduce new system that will require cracked player to provide and verify their email before they are allowed to play, this is in place to enforce our new banning system and will make ban evading more harder as they must register validated email before able to play. As mentioned, It's only for registration purpose, we will not use or leak your private email, all emails will be stored in an encrypted database which is hosted internally inside our controlled secure environment, and we will never send SPAM, if court order or government order is forcing us to reveal our database, we will trigger self-destruct to the database in the event of compromise, If you wish, you can enable more use of your email such as (2factor authentication, updates, account information) to be sent to your email. You will only need to verify your email ONCE in the registration process, next login event only requires your password. in the event of password compromise or forgot password, you can issue the password reset by your email. If we fail to implement this system, we might consider becoming a premium server and will not allow cracked player anymore.

    Please vote below with your opinion, your opinion helps us decide!

Should we force Cracked user to register with Email?

Poll closed Apr 28, 2018.
  1. Yes, Cracked registration with email.

  2. No, Switch to premium server.



Discussion in 'Announcement' started by FacedApollo, Apr 21, 2018.

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    1. AiHov
      luckyv2 kpn ? trus kalo misalnya crack player pake nama orang yg premi gimna? ( contoh : ada orang punya akun premi tp g main di lucky tapi orang lain pake nama dia di crack) trus klo misalnya orang punya akun premi trus nama dia di pake di crack gimna? (contoh : zPrqkasa_ premi , trus ada orang pake nama dia di crack buat join server)

      luckyv2 kpn :v? very soon mulu
    2. Cyrovonix
      Pilihan Yang Sangat Sulit
    3. FacedApollo
      Kalau nanti v2. Pemain Cracked tidak bisa join dengan nama Premium, semisalnya nama Premium udah ada yang pakai cracked dari jaman sekarang, mereka harus login tetap menggunakan password yang diregistrasi untuk membuktikan bahwa itu bukan pencurian akun, dan kedepannya v2. Player Cracked tidak bisa login menggunakan nickname premium,
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    4. Refi
      kalo lebih adil coba buat gini aja Yg Premi gak usah Login tapi yg Crack harus /login dolo gitu
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    5. MikazeArtz
      I like your idea
      VzGhosts and Refi like this.
    6. Refi
    7. ZxFluttershyZx
    8. Newbeh76
      Verify ONCE? Durasi yang di kasih buat Verify kode brp menit? Dan jika salah [ONCE / Satu kali] Ban? atau Kicked?
    9. Isnic
      Pilihan yang sulit dan rata rata player cracked so... I'll choose Cracked
      SiapayahCH(NEW), VzGhosts and Refi like this.
    10. MGRAutoMVP
      Bang Tolong Unban Gue Dari Survival Dong.Karena Saya Tidak Salah Apa Apa
    11. iTzDafri1933
      Tapi harus Verify Code? kalo bisa kasih waktu kira-kira 5 menit atau lebih. dikarenakan kalo gw buka MC lalu sama google AutoLag gw :v. jadi kasih waktu aja ced
      SiapayahCH(NEW) likes this.
    12. Newbeh76
      Skrng masih 1.8?
    13. allief
      Hallo Knp Sekarang Server LuckyNetwork Ofline ya Di bacaan kata nya out of date Maksud dari kata kata tersebut apa ya ???
    14. Newbeh76
      Out off date = kadaluarsa . Offline = Server sedang Mati atau MT
    15. VelixV
      Ini Mtnya sampai kapan yak?.
    16. Newbeh76
      Belum tau, Tapi tadi malam bisa
      (Be calm)
    17. VelixV
    18. Youwa
      Hmmm gw ngakak sih ini,Gmn Kalo Crack tersebut langsung pake nick kita? TANPA EMAIL DAN PASSWORD,:3
    19. Newbeh76
      Dah bisa emng?

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