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  • Joined Me To Skyblock To Donation me and i have a recording youtuber coming soon.... do ./is warp TheChooseOne
    Okay Guys :) My Youtube Video are gonna be recording to your server coming soon to recording youtuber :)
    Here The Rules:

    Skyblock Rules:

    -Free Rune are not allowed
    -No Fly Hack or It is Flight Rune
    -No Scammer Allowed
    -X-Ray Wall Hack Spawner are not allowed
    -Parkour Trap are not allowed
    -No Trap Allowed

    Murder Mystery Rules:

    -No Teaming with Murderer,Detective,Innocent
    -No Hacker Allowed

    Skywars Rules:

    -No Teaming Allowed
    -No Hacker Allowed
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