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Staff Application is Open and Giveaway!!

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Once again our staff application is open! we are currently looking for;
1. Moderation position (Helper, Moderator, Community Manager),
2. Developer position,
3. Designer position (Designer, Builder). more information at the form.

Also, we will be doing some giveaway, starting from today until 20th April 2019, to join simply enter the Minecraft server and play. giveaway will be chosen randomly and with playtime as consideration. the more you play, the bigger the chance of winning. rewards:
  1. 3x MVP+ in LuckyNetwork 4x MVP in LuckyNetwork
  2. 5x VIP+ in LuckyNetwork 6x VIP in LuckyNetwork
  3. 2x Premium Minecraft account.
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Ultra Hard Core (UHC) Released! version 1.8-1.13 (1.7 not supported yet)

Join via /uhc or server selector on hub

Note: There will be lots of bugs (make sure to report it right away), Stats may reset sometimes because this is not the final version.
NB: There are only 2 solo server atm. We will be adding more soon!
Murder Mystery Released!
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Hello Lucky peoples! Today we proud to launch our own Murder Mystery server! This is the first version of our own Murder Mystey, if you found bug(s) please immediately report it to a staff member or on the bug section on this forum You can always ask for help on our official discord. Join now on

Don't forget to have fun!
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Hello, for research purposes and for building a better community we would like to ask you for your participation of filling up a survey. You can go to to get started! Thank you for your participation. Other then that, we just migrated our forum to a new host. Therefore you need to re-register on the new forum you can visit it on
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Hello, and welcome to our new forums! If you have not read the rules, please CLICK HERE!

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