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Server Reset
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Hello everyone, We know that you guys have been waiting for the server to get up. But sadly, there's some major errors in our database that causes everything to reset (NOTE: We couldn't restore the data). Don't worry about your account, the password is saved from 31 June until now.
We're truly sorry of what happened tonight but we'll give out some compensations for our problems that results in a major reset.

> 10 VIP+ Rank
> 3 MVP+ Rank
> 30K Skywars Coins
> 10K Skyblock Coins

Once again, We're truly sorry for this problem. Please do understand us as we're trying our best to keep the server up and safe.

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Banned by : UnNqTural_ , Expires in : NEVER. My username is ItsMeWolf102
~ Wolf
Why am i banned. I just joined today and it says "You're banned. Reason : Hacked Client - BunnyHopping.
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give me administrator NAME MINECRAFT:AUgaming
Oy Unban gua :v gua tadi jualan buat beli lucky rank.. nick : Safatanc
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FatK. gw ganteng g

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