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Survival UPDATE

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Image by: JustReyZ#7627

Hello, Finally we are updating our survival world. Here are some list you need to know about our new update. There are a lot of features added in this update.

1. Updated Marriage Plugins
Marriage plugin has been updated to the latest version. This version will fixed some known bugs.​

2. Removed used of Skript
With the knowledge of modern coding, we finally convert all Skript usage with Java Plugin. This will effect faster algorithm for checking and improve server performance.​

3. RandomTP
There are 2 types of RandomTP /build and /mine. /build will randomly teleport you to the build world. /mine will teleport you to the mine world. In the build world, you can't mine ores. In the mine world, you can't claim lands. Make sure you build and claim lands in the build world.​

4. New Scoreboard design
We present you our new survival modern looking...​
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We are very sorry for the late updates on Skyblock Server, however, apart from that. We are very proud to announce these updates to you. First of all, thank you for being patient this whole time, and this update includes bug fixes, gameplay changes, and also we will be telling you what's our future goal for this Skyblock Server.

In this update, we will be focusing on the gameplay experience, making Skyblock server more interesting and reasonable to play and our goals for the future are to create the biggest Skyblock Semi - RPG in Asia.


  • Now all players can only sell 2 items at the Auction House.
  • Changing the scoreboard style.
  • Updating island upgrades cost.
Island Speed Boost Upgrade: $2,500,000
Island Jump Boost Upgrade: $2,500,000
Island Crop Growth Upgrade: $5,000,000
Island Fly Upgrade...

Hiring Staff!

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[ LuckyNetwork - SEA ]
Dear Minecrafters,

We are now hiring Staff! Start your staff-ing carrier at LuckyNetwork now!

If you are interested you can apply for yourself on our website.

There are a few things you should know before applying to become a staff at LuckyNetwork.

1. We do not accept applications that use Indonesian language. We know that we are a server whose majority of the community is Indonesian but you should know that LuckyNetwork covers all of Southeast Asia. Then your application must be in English.

2. Make sure you have a personal PC. We will not accept applicant who do not have a Personal PC. Why did we say that? If you play at an internet cafe, there is a high possibility that there will be other users besides you who can use your account and that would be one of our security threats.

3. When your application is received...
Halloween Update!
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Howdy peoples! We like to announce some changes around LuckyNetwork server.

First for the celebrating Halloween, LuckyNetwork staff team have decorated the hub a little bit to look spuuky. If you like to see the hub, Join Now.

Second, we open 3 beta testing / Experimental server:

First, SkyBlock-3 we have open a new Skyblock server a better one then Skyblock2 lots of features has been added to this version of skyblock.

Second, we open a new Survival server. We removed some of the features in the old Survival because of performance issue. We added a bunch more cool features to Survival-2

Third, We open a new BedWars server with way more maps and higher performance.

If you like to see it for your self, join now via the IP down bellow:

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We are proud to preset you the BEST prison server Asia have!

- TokenEnchant ( Custom Enchant )
- Gamemode OP
- Normal Economy
- Prestiges ( Unlock Free World At Prestige 1 )
- FreeWorld ( Custom World )
- Backpack
- Profit Shop
- Plot
- PvP
- PvP Arena ( Coming Soon )
- Crates
- Mine Bomb


Donor Perks:
1 / 4 Particle Effects
1 / 4 Particle Styles
Max Plots = 2

1 / 2 Particle Effects
1 / 2 Particle Style
Nick (Color)
Max Plots = 3

Full Particles Effects
Auto Sell
/rename Permission
Max Plots = 4

Full Particles Effects
Mine Reset permissions
Tp Toggle
Max Plots = 5


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