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Hello, yes I'm back. I want to announce on behalf of luckynetwork dev team, we are still working hard on getting LuckyNetwork V2 release. So... we need your help to tell us if you found bugs. We will be kindly respond to you and try to fix the bug. If you don't tell us, LuckyNetwork V2 will not be released and have many bugs. So in the mean time, don't be surprise if the server restart without any warning. This is due every time we are adding/fixing something. There's alot of gamemode that are going to be added in V2. Soo stick around with us while we doing some stuff! Thanks for reading this my beloved players.


CEO of LuckyNetwork
Hello, after running the system for 11 days, We thought we need some reform on our Authentication System.
We need your opinion about how and should we do to our Authentication System, Please vote down below!
Hello, as you may now that very soon we are going to update to v2. and finally we will be no longer as BETA server, however with rising hacker and more advanced ban evading technique, we decided that we should step further on our User registration system, as the statistic tells that 96,59% of banned user is Cracked or AltsDispenser user, We will introduce new system that will require cracked player to provide and verify their email before they are allowed to play, this is in place to enforce our new banning system and will make ban evading more harder as they must register validated email before able to play. As mentioned, It's only for registration purpose, we will not use or leak your private email, all emails will be stored in an encrypted database which is hosted internally inside our controlled secure environment, and we will never send SPAM, if court order or government order is forcing us to reveal our database, we will trigger self-destruct to the database in the event of compromise, If you wish, you can enable more use of your email such as (2factor authentication, updates, account information) to be sent to your email. You will only need to verify your email ONCE in the registration process, next login event only requires your password. in the event of password compromise or forgot password, you can issue the password reset by your email. If we fail to implement this system, we might consider becoming a premium server and will not allow cracked player anymore.

Please vote below with your opinion, your opinion helps us decide!
Hello, I would like to inform you that unfortunately we have to close down factions due to lack of player interest on Factions. We will be rebuilding factions based on your vote. But don't worry, last week I have started a poll for the next minigames of lucky network. The result is:


Survival Games with 81 Votes (69.83%)
Build Battle with 25 Votes (21.55%)
Creative with 10 Votes (8.62%)

From the result we can conclude that the next game of LuckyNetwork will be Survival Games with 81 votes out of 116 votes total. We will start building this project this Saturday, 10 March 2018. With the estimated finish date on Saturday, 17 March 2018. Thanks for your attention!


Chief Executive Officer
Halo guys! Mohon maaf atas keterlambatan pengumuman pememang untuk event valentine kali ini. Keterlambata ini dikarenakan semua head admin server lucky sedang sibuk mengurusi kehidupannya didunia nyata. Nah telah waktunya untuk pengumuman pemenang valentine. Dan pemenangya adalah

Instagram: jacksrvy
IGN: Brnxn
Mendapatkan rank: MVP+

Selamat kepada nama yang tercantum diatas. Rank akan diberikan paling lama 48 jam dari sekarang. See you on our next event!


Chief Executive Officer

Halo Generasi Muda dimanapun berada !

Guru adalah pelita kita dalam menggapai masa depan. Guru adalah panutan kita dalam mengolah rasa dan karsa. Sudah sepantasnya kita semua menyayangi Guru, yang senantiasa menuntun kita mencari ilmu. Dalam rangka meramaikan momen hari kasih sayang, mari kita bersama-sama memposting foto kita bersama dengan Guru kesayangan, lengkap dengan caption momen favorit kita di instagram masing-masing. Jangan lupa sertakan juga gambar Fotoku Bareng Guruku serta hashtag #akusayangguruku dan #dariluckynetwork !

Ayo bagikan ke dunia ceritamu bersama gurumu jangan lupa gunakan #dariluckynetwork dan foto terbaik akan mendapatkan rank MVP+ GRATISSSSSS !

Batas pengiriman : Kamis, 16 February 2018

CP :
line : senobagaskoro (Seno)
phone : +6282139465375 (Bino)
Email : [email protected]
Hello Everyone,

I'm here to Inform you that StaffApplication is Officially Open,
As you may now, In Less than six months, We had crawl our Reputation as One of the most popular Minigames and PvP Genre server in SEA Region. Every day more player joined, With our Current Staff Numbers, we are surely outnumbered 30 to 1. Yes, that's 1 Staff for 30 Players, this had come to Our Attention that we need more Staff to compensate the needs of our growing Community, We need all the help we can get. If you feel want to contribute by Helping this community and have what it takes, We recommend you to Apply as our Staff.

Application Form Link

-Behalf of All LuckyNetwork Hi-Management, FacedApollo.
We are adding more gamemodes to our server! Please vote for what gamemode should we add next.

You must have to be login/registered on the forums to vote!
Hello gays, we just updated our server to the next level. Here's some of what we add/fix/removed.

LuckyNetwork Maintenance changelog:

[+] New Hub map and system
[-] Removed Hub 2 and 3 due to lag issue (be back soon]
[+] Added login system with auth server
[*] Synced all ranks prefix
[*] Optimized server selector
[*] Change /list to numeric only
[-] Removed /gc on hub
[+] Added Soup ladder on practicepvp
[*] Recoded LuckyCore
[+] Fixed oregenerator on skyblock
[+] Added new maps on sskywars
[*] Optimzed anti X-ray on Survival
[+] Addeded maintenance mode on LuckyCore
[+] Added new bot on discord "Lucky-FM" (music 24/7)
[*] Optimized Lucky Essentials on discord
Hello guys, we are announcing that tomorrow, Saturday, 13-01-2018. Lucky Network will conduct a maintenance. Here's the detail

Date: 13-01-18
Time: 22.00 GMT+7
Due: Changing hub map and system, adding new auth server (Bot issue), fixing and updating LuckyCat, fixing permissions stuff, Changing some language to English, and updating LuckyCore

We will announce you if the maintenance is finished. Thanks for your attention

Best Regards,

Owner LuckyNetwork