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Survival UPDATE

Image by: JustReyZ#7627

Hello, Finally we are updating our survival world. Here are some list you need to know about our new update. There are a lot of features added in this update.

1. Updated Marriage Plugins
Marriage plugin has been updated to the latest version. This version will fixed some known bugs.​

2. Removed used of Skript
With the knowledge of modern coding, we finally convert all Skript usage with Java Plugin. This will effect faster algorithm for checking and improve server performance.​

3. RandomTP
There are 2 types of RandomTP /build and /mine. /build will randomly teleport you to the build world. /mine will teleport you to the mine world. In the build world, you can't mine ores. In the mine world, you can't claim lands. Make sure you build and claim lands in the build world.​

4. New Scoreboard design
We present you our new survival modern looking scoreboard​
This scoreboard contains information that you need. And it's more stylist.​
5. Added Furniture Plugins
You can now craft furniture in survival world. Here are some crafting recipe.​
Note: For some furniture is rendered weirdly for 1.8 see this
6. Added more quests
Added a lot more quest. You can access it with /quest or go to the quests NPC at spawn.​
7. Add Player Warps
Added Player warps. You can set one by /pwarp set <name> it will cost you 10000 per warp.​
Each rank get their own perks:​
Default: 2 warps​
VIP: 5 warps​
VIP+: 8 warps
MVP: 10 warps
MVP+: 13 warps​

If you have some ideas for next update, please comment down below!
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