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Hiring Staff!

[ LuckyNetwork - SEA ]
Dear Minecrafters,

We are now hiring Staff! Start your staff-ing carrier at LuckyNetwork now!

If you are interested you can apply for yourself on our website.

There are a few things you should know before applying to become a staff at LuckyNetwork.

1. We do not accept applications that use Indonesian language. We know that we are a server whose majority of the community is Indonesian but you should know that LuckyNetwork covers all of Southeast Asia. Then your application must be in English.

2. Make sure you have a personal PC. We will not accept applicant who do not have a Personal PC. Why did we say that? If you play at an internet cafe, there is a high possibility that there will be other users besides you who can use your account and that would be one of our security threats.

3. When your application is received, you will get an EMAIL from us. What's in the e-mail? The email sent is a document that you must fill in and send back to the same email.

4. When you are accepted, you will not immediately become a staff member who has full rights to the strength of the staff. When you are accepted, you will undergo a trial period, which is Trainee. We will judge you by your attitude, your way of working, and your activities. You can drop out at any time when you're on trial.

Application Website:
LuckyNetwork - SEA Discord :

Thank you

LuckyNetwork - HRD